Sunday, April 6, 2014

Claire - Eight Months

8 month unofficial stats:
15 pounds - 5%


8 months!  Wow!  You are getting too big!
Here is everything I want to remember from the past month:

  • You are really a master at crawling.  You are starting to move too fast for my liking.
  • You can sit up all by yourself.  It's fun to watch you try to master the sitting to crawling to sitting positions.
  • You are sleeping pretty good at night.  We have a good bedtime routine but you still require someone to rock or bounce you to sleep.
  • You are so active.  You love to play all the time.
  • You really like Mickey Mouse.  In the morning when we are getting ready for work we let you watch an episode of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  You're favorite song is the Hot Dog Dance at the end.  It always gets stuck in Mommy & Daddy's heads all day.
  • You are such a happy girl.  You smile at everyone if they so much as look at you.
  • You are always up for a challenge.  When you leave the baby gate open you like to climb over and explore the kitchen.
  • You tried lots of new foods this month - pear, spinach, turnip, rutabaga, multigrain cereal, apples & pears with cinnamon and butternut squash.  You really liked the fruit and the rutabaga.  You did not like the spinach or turnips.  I can't say I blame you. 
  • We also started eating puffs this month.  It is so much fun to watch you trying to pick them up and get them in your mouth.  And the face you make when eating them is too cute.
  • You can make a million different faces.  You like to suck in your bottom lip, make a fish face, stick out your bottom lip and twist your tongue. 
  • You love playing with your big girl toys.  We got out a standing toy so you can stand up to play.  You like it in small spurts but haven't mastered the art of gracefully sitting down yet.
  • You are so strong for being such a tiny little thing.
  • You really love your bottle - always reaching for it and trying to put it in your mouth as soon as you see it.  
  • You still love bathtime. You like our bathtub toys and bath book.  You love to splash and get water in your face.  I almost need to wear a raincoat to give you a bath - you create such a mess!
  • Your hair is really getting fuller in the back.  And the front bangs will get in your eyes unless we comb them over.
  • The weather is getting a little nicer and you love to go for walks when you can.
  • You are very vocal. You love to talk and are making more sounds.  You love to say Dada but only say Mama when you are crying.
  • Gavin still doesn't like you too much. I think you make too many noises.  He runs and hides from you.
  • You love to go all the places you are not supposed to.  You like to crawl under things and you love to play with the floor vents.

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P.S. - Claire has some big news to share:


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