Sunday, April 27, 2014

Claire - Nine Months

Can't believe my little sugie girl is already 9 months old!  We are just having too much fun here in the Wilmes home. 

9 month stats:
15 lbs 12 ounces - 5%
27.125 inches - 40%
  • You are really a master at crawling. You are starting to move too fast for my liking.  You love it when we leave the baby gate open between the living room and the kitchen because you think you are so sneaky.
  • You love to explore.  You like crawling up and down the hallway, peeking in every door.  You like to climb under the dining room table and chairs.
  • You pull up on everything!  You are so brave and strong.
  • Your favorite game is to pull up on mom until I pick you up and then you dive back down to the ground and do this one endless repeat.
  • We had to go through a little more sleep training.  Once you started pulling up in your crib at night you would like to stand up and scream.  We only had to let you cry it out a few nights - no more than 20 minutes which was good because that is rough on your mama.
  • You are still not a very good napper.  You like to snooze on your own schedule.  The good news is you are a very predictable napper.  I can always tell when you are tired.
  • You are such a busy girl.  You are always on the move and you love exploring.
  • You still really like Mickey Mouse. In the morning when we are getting ready for work we let you watch an episode of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. You're favorite song is the Hot Dog Dance at the end. It always gets stuck in Mommy & Daddy's heads all day.
  • You also like watching the Cardinals and the Blues with your dada. 
  • You are the happiest little girl I've ever met.  You are always smiling.
  • Except when you got your first tooth!  You were a really fussy little girl when that first tooth popped through.
  • You tried a lot of new foods this month - cauliflower, potato, parsnip, banana, yogurt, avocado, and papaya.  You like the banana, yogurt and avocado.  You really disliked the parsnip and the texture of the potato.  Mommy hated the smell of the papaya.  Yuck!  You ate it all though. 
  • You still love to play with your tongue.  You can makes the silliest faces.
  • You are starting to be more graceful.  You can sit down from standing with ease.
  • You are working on holding your own bottle. We also tried out the sippy cup.  We need to keep working on both.
  • Bathtime is still a favorite for you.  You love to splash, splash, splash.  We always have to take several toys with us to the bathroom.
  • Your hair is getting so long.  It gets down in your eyes unless we do the combover.  Your side spike is growing too.  I love it!
  • You love being outside and going for walks.  The weather is getting so much nicer and the stroller is a favorite.
  • You are still extremely vocal.  You can say dada, mama, baba, nana and gaga.  And you make all kinds of squeals and babbling.
  • You love to hang upside down.  When you are sitting on our laps, you always lean your head back to indicate you want to hang.  Mama also lets you do little flips and dad will hold you by your legs high above the floor.  You love it all.
  • Your dad thinks you might be left handed.  You seem to prefer picking up your puffs with your left hand.  Time will tell...


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