Wednesday, May 28, 2014

yard work

I know, I know, I am winning in the clever titles department....

When Patrick's uncle was over to grade the backyard for the concrete, we took the opportunity to have him do a little weeding in the front yard.

I talked about our front yard before and how much I diskliked the big green boxes that were monopolizing our space.

Well, guess what??  They're gone!!  Patrick's uncle hooked up some chains and pulled those suckers out!

Patrick did the painstaking task of cutting each plant into smaller pieces so I could bag it all up.....14 giant lawn bags full.  Whew! 

Now the big dilemna...what to do with this space?  It is currently a mud and mulch pit.  I think we want to do some paver stones and dark rock but I'm clueless when it comes to landscaping.  Guess I'll have to consult my good friend Google.  You know I'll keep you posted.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

patio work

Patrick's uncle came over this past week and started work on our patio.  Yippee!!  I told him we wanted to have it done before the bear's first birthday and he delivered.


Yes, we had a weed-filled gravel pit under our deck before....


Getting prepped for the concrete.
More During:

Claire loved watching all of the action.
More progess and more pics to come!

Monday, May 26, 2014

the bear visits the zoo

Patrick & I took off work Friday to visit the zoo with Claire Bear.  I wasn't sure if she would be old enough to understand what was going on and appreciate the animals, but there was so much action that she had plenty to look at.

Highlights include:
The Hippos

The Elephants

Family Photos


These Things she really wanted to touch

And the peacock!

Great day!


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Claire - Ten Months


10 months - wow!  Baby girl is growing so makes this mama happy and sad at the same time.

10 month unofficial stats:
16 lbs 6 oz - 5%

Here is what I want to remember from the past month:
  • You have mastered crawling and pulling up to stand.  You love to walk along the couch and loveseat.
  • You are very adventurous.  You love crawling up and down the hallway and the bathroom is your favorite hangout.  I try to keep the door shut but you always seem to find a way in.
  • You are turning into a mama's girl.  You have been wanting your mama a lot lately - it makes your dad a little sad.  But I know that will change soon enough because it wasn't too long ago when your little world revolved around dada.
  • You are very coordinated.  You are very good at bending down to pick up toys off the floor while standing and hanging onto something.
  • You have been a GREAT sleeper.  We just started putting you in your crib awake at bedtime and letting you snuggle in on your own.  You ususally give out 2 or 3 good screams before you cuddle in for the night.  It has been so nice - we should have tried doing this sooner!
  • I can always tell when you are tired.  You give the biggest yawns and rub your eyes.  At naptime, when you are tired, you are out.  It doesn't take much - just a little jiggle.  You don't nap very long though.
  • You are still a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse fan.  We watch it in the morning and it holds your attention for a decent amount of time.
  • You also love watching the Cardinals games with your dada.  Sometimes he gets too excited and yells at the TV but you don't seem to mind.
  • You have 2 teeth now!  Both on the bottom.  The second tooth wasn't nearly as bad as the first.  You love teething biscuits.
  • You tried several new foods this month - chicken, ground beef, spaghetti, a Mexican mixture (black beans, corn cut off the cob and tomatos) and peas. 
  • You still love playing with your tongue and twisting it around.  You also love making fishy faces.  You are such a silly girl.
  • You are getting better at holding your own bottle. 
  • Bathtime is still fun.  You've been trying to stand up in the bathtub lately which is a big no-no.  You like to splash mama.
  • You seem to understand the word no.  Whenever we say it, you stop what you are doing and look at us with that innocent little face.  We ususally have to tell you no when you are getting too close to the box fan.
  • Your hair is growing so fast!  Your bangs are almost down to your nose.  I don't have the heart to give you a trim yet - maybe after your first birthday.
  • The weather has been so nice so we have been spending more time outside.  You still don't like the grass so if I put a blanket in the yard, we don't have to worry about you getting away!
  • You are a noisy girl!  You can make all kinds of sounds.  You have a cute word that sounds like "yeah" and I like to play along and ask you questions so you can "answer" me with your new words.  It's fun.
  • You are starting to wave "bye bye" to people when we leave.
  • You are pretty good in church.  By the time the Eucharistic prayers come along - you are about done and dad has to take you to the back and try to get you to nap.  Sometimes he is successful.
  • You are getting really good at picking up puffs and yogurt melts.  Banana pieces are a little tough because they are slippery.  We have to watch you or else you will shove every piece of food on your tray into your mouth at the same time!
  • You like to crawl around with toys in your mouth like a little puppy dog.
  • You love animals - aunt Marcy's cat and Grandma's dogs.  We like to practice kitty and puppy sounds.
  • You still love books.  Right now the color book is a favorite.  And the pop-up cat book is fun.
  • You like trying to figure out how your toys work.  You will try to find balls when you put them down the funnel.  You like to turn toys over and inspect all the parts.
  • You are starting to climb!  Yikes!  I've caught you on your hands and knees on top of the end table.  You are such a little stinker!
  • You like to swing at the park and aunt Marcy's.
In case you missed a recap:

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

18 weeks and counting....

Quick belly bump comparison at 18 weeks:

Claire on the left and baby #2 on the right.
The pregnancy is going great - no complaints!
I found some cute new maternity clothes on clearance at Macy's last week so I am excited about expanding my limited wardrobe (read - maxi skirts).

And here's the bear trying to get in on the action. 
She doesn't even know what's coming.  :)
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