Wednesday, May 28, 2014

yard work

I know, I know, I am winning in the clever titles department....

When Patrick's uncle was over to grade the backyard for the concrete, we took the opportunity to have him do a little weeding in the front yard.

I talked about our front yard before and how much I diskliked the big green boxes that were monopolizing our space.

Well, guess what??  They're gone!!  Patrick's uncle hooked up some chains and pulled those suckers out!

Patrick did the painstaking task of cutting each plant into smaller pieces so I could bag it all up.....14 giant lawn bags full.  Whew! 

Now the big dilemna...what to do with this space?  It is currently a mud and mulch pit.  I think we want to do some paver stones and dark rock but I'm clueless when it comes to landscaping.  Guess I'll have to consult my good friend Google.  You know I'll keep you posted.

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