Thursday, June 5, 2014

another Prost wedding

This past Saturday my cousin Allison got married. 

Yep - this funny pair:

 Circa 2012 Murder Mystery Dinner
You're welcome Alli!

The wedding was gorgeous - I am a bad blogger and don't have any good photos so I had to shamelessly steal the following from Facebook:

You will not find a happier, fun loving couple.  When the wedding party made their entrance, they threw out T-shirts to the crowd.  Everyone was waving their arms desperate to get one.  Little did they know that the T-shirts came with a hidden agenda:

You read that right - those "lucky" recipients were now part of the Wedding Clean Up Committee!  Too funny!  I absolutely loved this idea - only Allison and Charlie could have pulled off such a grand entrance and joke.

And now a few photos that I did manage to snap:

 A sleepy sugie with Uncle Grant and Aunt Ashley

My cousin David's newborn baby girl Natalie

Got her jammies on

Family photo - just missing Carrie!!

It was such a fun night with family.  I love, love, love having such a big family.

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  1. I came for a charity event and was amazed how fantastic this function room was. The view is amazing and the layout does have a nice flow - which was great!


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