Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Claire - Eleven Months

11 months.....11 months.  Am I dreaming?  This little girl is growing way too fast. 

 Unofficial 11 month stats:
16 lbs 10 oz - 0%

Here is what I want to remember from the past month:
  • You are a moving machine.  You love to pull up, walk along the couch and crawl at top speed.
  • You are so curious.  You like to crawl behind the couch and loveseat and make little loops through the living room.  You think you are being so sneaky.
  • You still love to hang out in the hallway and try to hide from mama and dada.  We keep all the doors closed and let you think you are getting away with something.
  • You get so excited when I open the front door.  You clench your little fists and shake in anticipation.  You love going outside and you know that is where the front door leads.
  • You are still being a little mama's girl.  You seem to have been wanting your mama more and more lately.  I wonder if you have some intuition that things are going to be changing soon and mama will be busy.
  • Even though you might be a mama's girl, you love to snuggle on dada when you are tired.  Mama's big belly is starting to get in the way of really good snuggles.
  • You have very good balance.  You can bend down to pick things up off the floor and I often catch you standing with no hands next to the couch. 
  • You like to CLIMB!  If mama is sitting on the floor, you will use me as a stepping stool to climb up onto the couch.  You also like to climb on the soft beanbag in the living room.
  • You are still a good sleeper.  We can usually put you down right after your bedtime bottle and you will snuggle right up in your crib to go to sleep.
  • You are still not a good napper.  It is really spotty when you nap....but you sleep all night long so I still say we are winning.
  • You are still a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse fan. We love all the music, especially the hot dog dance song.
  • You are so vocal!  You have been saying mama, dada and hi!  It is so cute.  You are also babbling so much.  I love listening to all your little noises.
  • You tried several new foods this month - chicken/broccoli/rice, blueberries, cantelope, watermelon, green beans, grapes and mango.
  • You are great at holding your own bottle and you definitely let us know whether or not you are still hungry. 
  • You love the water and you love bathtime.  You splash so much I need to wear a raincoat.  It is a lot of fun.
  • Your hair is getting so long and so light.  It's hard to imagine that you were born with such dark hair!  It is a light blond with almost a little auburn.
  • You love being outside.  We planted a little garden and you help mama water the flowers.
  • You are getting better at waving "bye bye" to people.
  • You are starting to be a little more of a stinker in church.  Your favorite activity is called "empty the diaper bag". 
  • You like to eat finger foods.  We are trying to eat more finger foods and less mashed up foods. 
  • You love puppies.  The neighbors behind us have 2 big dogs and when we are outside and you hear them bark you always look for them.  You get so excited watching them run around in their yard.
  • You love to empty your toy crate and look at all your books.  You can spend so much time pulling out each book and looking at the pages.  You especially like the touch and feel books.
  • You love our cell phones and the TV remote.  Whatever electronic mom or dad has you want.  We gave you a fake phone and remote as a decoy.
  • You love turning off the light in the bathroom after you take your bath.  You always reach straight for the light switch after I wrap you up in the towel.
  • I always run your bath water and your dad gets you undressed.  Then he sets you loose and lets you crawl naked to me in the bathroom.  You know exactly what time it is and you are excited.  I love it. 

In case you missed a recap:
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