Friday, June 20, 2014

thoughts on gardening

I finally got our garden planted a couple of weeks ago.  Our poor neighbor Gloria was just waiting on me to plant what I wanted so she could use the remaining space for her plants.  We shared the garden box on the side of my house last year and it worked out perfectly.  I did the planting and she did everything else!  She is my garden fairy.

Here is what I put out this year:

I think I ended up with 7 tomato plants, a yellow squash and a zucchini.  
Gloria too up the space at the end with some more tomatoes and peppers.

Every time I have gone outside to check on the plants, they have been well tended and watered.  Good old garden fairy Gloria....makes it easy to have a green thumb with a neighbor like that.  

I'm excited to watch our garden grow and hopefully we'll have some tasty produce later this summer.

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