Wednesday, July 30, 2014

4th of July

But's already the end of July and you are just now writing about the 4th?  Yes, yes I am. 

We took Claire for a walk on the 3rd up to a nearby church to watch local fireworks.  It was super close and a great location for future reference.  We weren't able to see all of the lower fireworks but we were far enough away that it wasn't too loud for Claire.

Patrick made the smart decision to pick us up some frozen custard on his way home so we enjoyed some Fritz's concretes.

She enjoyed the show, but she also enjoyed watching the traffic and the 3 little boys snuggled up on a blanket next to us.

Did I mention it was unusally chilly for July??  We had to take blankets to watch fireworks because I didn't want her to be too cold in her PJs.  I think our first year of fireworks was a success.  You can bet we'll be trying this again next year.

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