Thursday, August 21, 2014

the bear's birthday party

We celebrated Claire Bear's birthday on Sunday July 20th.  We wanted to take a break from all the wedding crazy before throwing a party. 

I made Claire's cake from scratch using this recipe.  I was so proud - I even made her icing!  In lieu of candles, I used blueberries to write a number 1 on the cake.

She wasn't a big fan of the icing or the cake.  The only thing she seemed to care about was the blueberries.  I was a little disappointed that she didn't dive right in and make a huge mess.  On the other hand though, I guess a mom can't be upset that her baby prefers fruit over cake.  :)

We had to take a family photo after her non-cake smash.  Then she got to open her gifts. 

Claire is so blessed to have such great families and friends who came out to celebrate.  And I am always amazed with the generosity of our loved ones.  Our livingroom is overflowing with fun new toys!!  She is such a lucky little girl.

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