Monday, September 1, 2014

Claire - Twelve Months

Twelve months - one full year of joy and happiness from this little girl.

12 month stats:
17 lbs 4 oz - 3%
29 inches - 47%

Here is what I want to remember from the past month:
  • You can stand on your own!  With no hands!  You still like to hold on to the couch to walk around.  You also like to walk holding at least one hand.
  • You want to be a big girl so bad.  Everything you eat has to be cut up so you can do it yourself.  You don't like being fed with a spoon.
  • You are so curious and nosey.  You need to explore and see everything that is going on.
  • You love to play in Mommy's purse.  You like to pull everything out of the front two pockets.
  • We try to give you free reign of the house.  We keep all the doors closed so it helps eliminate some of the trouble you could get into.
  • You get so excited over the smallest things.  When we go outside, when the garage door opens, when you turn off the bathroom light.  Your little face just lights up.
  • You love to "help" mom in the kitchen by emptying the towel drawer and pulling ziplock bags out of the box one at at ime.
  • You are still a pretty big mama's girl.  You always want to sit on mom's lap even though it is running out of room.
  • You like to play the game of put things in, take things out.  It doesn't matter what it is but you especially like to "help" with laundry by putting things in and out of the basket.
  • You have still been a pretty good sleeper.  Dad is usually in charge of putting you to bed because it is harder for mom to bend over the crib.
  • You are quite the Indian-giver.  You like to give people a toy and then take it right back.  You also like to reach for people and then fake them out at the last moment.
  • You have started to use your index finger to point at things.  Usually you are pointing at things you want.
  • You still love dogs!  Every time you see a puppy on TV, you start to pant like a dog.  It is really cute.
  • You LOVE to climb.  It makes your mama so nervous.  You are getting smart about using things as stepping stools to get what you want.
  • You know your name and will come to mom when I call for you (sometimes).  You always respond though.
  • You like to play hide and seek with Dad.  Dad has a couple good hiding spots that never change so you always know where you look.  You love finding him.
  • You are still not a good napper.  It is really spotty when you nap....but you sleep all night long so I still say we are winning.
  • Your favorite word is "Hi".  You like to tell EVERYONE "hi" at least once.  
  • You are still a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse fan. It is the only show we watch besides Cardinal baseball.  You love all the music and the hot dog dance.
  • You are really vocal.  You love trying to imitate words that we say.  
  • You know how to use the phone.  You will pick up a cell phone and put it up to your ear and start to babble.  It's crazy how quickly you pick up on things.
  • You love the water and you love bathtime.  You like to use the washcloth to clean your belly and chest.  After mom gets done cleaning you up, you like to go back and double check.
  • You are starting to get a little sad when we leave you with the sitter for the day.  It breaks my heart but I know you are always happy a few minutes later.
  • Your hair is getting so long and so blonde.  Your bangs are always down in your eyes and I try to pull them back as much as I can.
  • You are getting better at waving "bye bye" to people.
  • You are starting to be a little more of a stinker in church.  We usually do so good until the very end after communion.  Your favorite activity is called "empty the diaper bag". 
  • You still love books.  We read books every night before bed and you definitely have your favorites.
  • You are so loving.  You will give your mom and dad a "kiss kiss" if we ask.  Love it.

In case you missed a recap:
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Love this girl.

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