Saturday, November 15, 2014

ordinary days

Life is getting back to a new normal after Ben's birth.
We are figuring out a new routine and how everything works.
This little girl has been a champ.

Here she is eating eggs and blueberries for breakfast.  Not too long after these photos were taken, she replaced her love for eggs with a love for banana pancakes.  

She is so funny about food.  I guess most 16 month olds are.  One day she will love peas, the next day she will squish them in her hands, throw them on the floor and do just about everything but eat them.

She will no longer sit in her highchair.  She will only eat in this clip-on chair that is attached to the big table.  She wants to be a big girl and sit next to mom and dad.  She also likes to eat things off of our plates.  Sometimes I can trick her by putting her food on my plate and then feeding her off my plate that way.  It doesn't always work though - she's a pretty smart little cookie. 

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Ben's homecoming

We brought Ben home on a Thursday.  He did not like getting placed in his car seat but seemed content once he was there.

He wore the same coming home outfit that Claire sported a little over a year before...

Only difference - this time I didn't cry on the car ride home.  :)

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

three years...

I can't believe it's been 3 years since this:

And we now have these:

Thank you Patrick for an amazing three years.  You have been my best friend and I can't wait to see what the next year holds for us!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Claire - 15 months

This girl....that, love, love.

18 lbs, 13 oz - 3%
30.25 inches - 42%

A lot of things have happened in the past three months:

You started walking!  And you didn't stop!  You are pretty quick on your feet.

You have 5 teeth!  Three on top and two on bottom.

You have quite the vocabulary - mama, mommy, dad, baby, puppy, stinky, yum, no, hi, bye, uh-oh, pizza.  Your favorite word right now seems to be mommy - everything is mommy, mommy, mommy.

Your favorite game is called empty the kitchen cabinets and pantry.  You especially like to pull all the Ziploc bags out of their box and throw them all over the floor.

You are still in 12 month clothing - and some of it is saggy on your little bottom!  You are just a skinny mini.

You became a BIG SISTER!!  You love your baby brother Benjamin.  You want to be next to him all. the. time. always. and. forever.  I really have to watch you. 

You love to give kisses, especially to the "beebee".

You have 3 baby dolls that you also love.  You carry them around with you.

You love going through mom's purse.  You pull whatever you can out of the front pockets and are always trying to get the zipper open to see what's inside.

You still love Mickey Mouse.  Dad judges Mom's day based on how many episodes we watch.  If we have a good day, we only watch one or two shows.  A rough day is more.  

You are a good helper.  You throw baby Ben's diapers in the trash.  

You are starting to understand simple commands like - "Go get a book" and "Throw away the diaper" and "Give your baby a kiss".

You have a few favorite books including "I Love You Stinky Face".  No matter where I put your books on the bookshelf, you always seem to find and gravitate towards the same handful.

You are starting to be a bossy little girl.  You grunt and point until you get what you want.  And if you don't get what you want, you cry or scream or stomp your feet.

You are a stinker in church.  We can never make it through a whole mass without a meltdown.  Daddy is so kind and always takes you in the back so as not to disturb too many people.  You need to pull it together girl.  We've tried books, snacks, you name it.  The hour is just too long.

You still love to take a bath.  If I ask if you want to take a bath, you head towards the bathroom door and bang on it until I get there to open it.  You also like to watch and "help" mommy when I give baby Ben his baths.

You love to be wherever your baby Ben is.  When he is on the playmat on the floor, you are all up in his personal space.  

Since Ben was born, you still go to the neighbors two days a week, but you stay home with mommy and Ben the other three days.  On the days you are gone, you get so excited to come into the family room and see Ben.  You squeal and scream at him and tell him "HI" and get in his face.  You must miss him when you are gone.

Your hair is getting so long.  I keep thinking we need to go get you a haircut, and I actually had your first haircut scheduled but then Ben was born the day before so we had to cancel.  I just keep your bangs pulled up in a ponytail so they stay out of your face.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

hospital stay

When we had Ben at 11:16 pm on September 30th , I was a little happy, a little sad, and a little crushed.  Let me explain...I was happy because from the very beginning I had hoped for a September baby.  Why, you ask?  Because I love the September birthstone - the sapphire.  Gorgeous.  Plus it will look great in combination with Claire's ruby birthstone.  However, even though I wanted a September baby, I did not want a September 30th baby.  My cousin Andrew and his wife found out they were expecting a couple of weeks before Patrick & I.  Their due date?  September 30th.  We were all happy and celebratory and joked about the possibility of giving birth on the same day.  And then they faced the absolute heartbreak of miscarriage in their second trimester.  I didn't want to have my baby on their due date because I feared the additional pain it might cause their family to be reminded again of their loss.  I didn't want my joy to cause someone else additional pain.  So even though my heart was overflowing with love for baby Benjamin, a tiny piece of my heart also broke for them at the same time.  

So what about the crushed part?  I was crushed because Ben was born at 11:16 pm, so that meant my first "night's" stay in the hospital was only for 44 minutes.  Bummer.  Claire's birth was the exact opposite since she was born at 1:25 in the morning.  We got a FULL day for our first "night".  That meant I got less time for help with the baby, with nursing, less time for visitors and sleeping, less free hot meals.  I love the experience of the hospital stay so I was a little crushed that we got cheated out of extra time.

Regardless, it was a great stay.  The highlight was definitely Claire's visit.  She was so sweet and happy to see her "beebee".


Thursday, November 6, 2014

Benny's Birth Story Part 3

To start at the beginning - click here.

We got settled into our birth suite and called our parents to let them know that tonight was the night. Patrick's mom got on the road to stay with Claire at our house and my parents got on the road to make the trip to St. Louis.

The nurse started the lowest level of pitocin in my IV and Patrick left to go home and get our bags and check on Claire. 

Around 9:00 Dr. Lawrence came in and wanted to break my water.  However, my contractions were starting to get pretty intense and Patrick wasn't back to the hospital yet so I was hesitant.  He sensed that and suggested I go ahead and get my epidural first.  Good call Dr. Lawrence!  The nurse called the anesthesiologist and they got me all hooked up.  My nurse was so sweet and held me while I got the epidural since Patrick wasn't there.  She was truly so kind - thanks Jeanene!

Patrick got back to the hospital shortly after I got my epidural with all our stuff.  I learned from Claire's birth what was really needed and what was not.  My own comfy pillow - a MUST! 

After Patrick got back, we just played the waiting game.  Dr. Lawrence was actually tied up in another birth (that ended in a C-Section) so we had to wait for him to come back to break my water.  When he finally did it was about 10:30ish and he was shocked to see that I was already at 9 cm! 

He broke my water and it was just like what you see in the movies - it was a GUSH of water that came shooting out.  Crazy!!  So different than when my water broke at home with Claire.  After that, he called in the troops and we were ready to have a baby.

If I thought Claire came fast, Ben came REALLY fast.  He was a 2 push baby and he was out!  Thanks little buddy! 

The best part of the whole experience was after Ben was born, Dr. Lawrence held him up for Patrick to see if he was a he or she.  Patrick yelled "It's a BOY!!!" so loud I thought my parents could probably hear him in the waiting room.  He was so excited to get a little man.  He just kept repeating it to himself like he couldn't believe it.  It was so sweet.

You can see Benjamin's complete Birth Story in photos here:  Ben's Birth

We are so in love with our new little dude.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Ben's Birth Story Part 2

When I last left you, Brandon was picking up Claire and I was hooked up to a non-stress test.  The test went pretty showed I was actually having more contractions than I noticed.  And every time I had a contraction, the baby's heartbeat dropped.  My doctor did not like seeing that and recommended that they keep me to induce.  Boo!  We had already discussed being induced earlier in his office and I was anti-induction. (is that even a word?)  However, once he pulled the old line "if you were my wife...." I knew I was a goner.  We were going to have a baby that night.  The nurses came and moved me into our birthing suite.

Side note:  Remember during Claire's birth story when I was so embarrassed because I couldn't figure out how to put on that stupid robe?  Well, this time around, I almost did it.  I got the robe snaps figured out, but then put the robe on backwards.  Oops!  Maybe I'll finally get it right on baby #3.

(And Ben is crying again - let me tell you something about this little boy....he gets HANGRY!  He wants to eat all the time and will scream until you feed him!  I'll be back!)

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Benjamin's Birth Story

I'm going to do my best to write this in just one post - unlike Claire's birth saga. 

It was Tuesday September 30th.  I had my normal doctors appointment scheduled that night- I was almost 39 weeks.  I had been 2 cm dilated at my last visit and had been having on and off contractions the past week.  Nothing painful, nothing consistent enough to time.  With your second pregnancy, you know what to expect.  There is a BIG difference between an uncomfortable contraction and a painful contraction.  Big difference, people, big difference.

Our appointment was at 6:00.  We always take the late appointments on Tuesdays so Patrick can join us.  On our way to the doctors office, we were discussing our supper options.  We had agreed on the Pizza Hut salad bar in Fenton.  We love going just for the salad bar - it is small but good.  Back to the story - we got to the doctors office and got checked in and into a room.  And then we waited, and waited, and waited.  It was very unusual for our doctor to be behind.  Dr. Lawrence finally came in around 6:30.  I was 4 cm dilated - wow! great progress!  However, when I laid down to hear the heartbeat, it took a long time for the heartbeat to recover when I sat back up.  Dr. Lawrence didn't like how long it took and wanted to send me over to the hospital for a non-stress test and to check my amniotic fluid levels.

So, over to the hospital we went.  Luckily, our doctors office is attached to the hospital so we just had to walk on over.  We got checked in and I got hooked up to the machine around 7:00.  I know this because The Voice was just getting started on TV.  The nurse said the test would take about an hour so we called my brother Brandon to come pick up Claire and take her home to feed her and get her ready for bed.  What a great brother - he was there in no time.

And now I am being interrupted by a crying baby - sorry!!  Guess this will be a multi-post event.  :)  Stay tuned....

Monday, November 3, 2014

he's here....

...and he's perfect.

Benjamin Patrick Wilmes

September 30th, 2014
11:16 pm
7 lbs 13 oz
20 inches

We are in love.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

before there were four

I really struggled with deciding whether or not to do maternity pictures with this pregnancy.  I did them with my first and I didn't feel like I needed photos of just me and the belly. Been there, done that.
However, I didn't want to have any regrets or "I wish I would have" moments so I went ahead and scheduled a session.

It was 3(ish) weeks before my due date and it was rainy out.  We could have cancelled but we were already off work and dressed so there was no going back.  I was worried that it was a "now or never" type situation since my due date was fast approaching.

The photos actually turned out quite beautiful (albeit my frizzy hair). 

It was nice to have some time to capture the last moments as our family of three.  We weren't a family of three for very long and I know it will be hard to remember life without our new addition.  I know this because it is already hard for me to remember life without Claire.

Claire sure is something special.  She is growing too fast and developing her own personality.  She is starting to be very independent and has a little sass.

But she is sweet - oh so sweet.  Sometimes on the weekends, we let her snuggle in our bed if she wakes up early.  She plays peek-a-boo under the covers and her laughter fills the room.

She has no idea what is coming...

...but she doesn't need to worry.  She will always be our little sugie girl.

I think we have enough love in our hearts for two. 

Actually, I know it...

Saturday, November 1, 2014

this girl.... the biggest sweetheart. 

She loves giving hugs and kisses and snuggling.

Can she stay this small forever?
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