Sunday, November 2, 2014

before there were four

I really struggled with deciding whether or not to do maternity pictures with this pregnancy.  I did them with my first and I didn't feel like I needed photos of just me and the belly. Been there, done that.
However, I didn't want to have any regrets or "I wish I would have" moments so I went ahead and scheduled a session.

It was 3(ish) weeks before my due date and it was rainy out.  We could have cancelled but we were already off work and dressed so there was no going back.  I was worried that it was a "now or never" type situation since my due date was fast approaching.

The photos actually turned out quite beautiful (albeit my frizzy hair). 

It was nice to have some time to capture the last moments as our family of three.  We weren't a family of three for very long and I know it will be hard to remember life without our new addition.  I know this because it is already hard for me to remember life without Claire.

Claire sure is something special.  She is growing too fast and developing her own personality.  She is starting to be very independent and has a little sass.

But she is sweet - oh so sweet.  Sometimes on the weekends, we let her snuggle in our bed if she wakes up early.  She plays peek-a-boo under the covers and her laughter fills the room.

She has no idea what is coming...

...but she doesn't need to worry.  She will always be our little sugie girl.

I think we have enough love in our hearts for two. 

Actually, I know it...

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