Thursday, November 6, 2014

Benny's Birth Story Part 3

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We got settled into our birth suite and called our parents to let them know that tonight was the night. Patrick's mom got on the road to stay with Claire at our house and my parents got on the road to make the trip to St. Louis.

The nurse started the lowest level of pitocin in my IV and Patrick left to go home and get our bags and check on Claire. 

Around 9:00 Dr. Lawrence came in and wanted to break my water.  However, my contractions were starting to get pretty intense and Patrick wasn't back to the hospital yet so I was hesitant.  He sensed that and suggested I go ahead and get my epidural first.  Good call Dr. Lawrence!  The nurse called the anesthesiologist and they got me all hooked up.  My nurse was so sweet and held me while I got the epidural since Patrick wasn't there.  She was truly so kind - thanks Jeanene!

Patrick got back to the hospital shortly after I got my epidural with all our stuff.  I learned from Claire's birth what was really needed and what was not.  My own comfy pillow - a MUST! 

After Patrick got back, we just played the waiting game.  Dr. Lawrence was actually tied up in another birth (that ended in a C-Section) so we had to wait for him to come back to break my water.  When he finally did it was about 10:30ish and he was shocked to see that I was already at 9 cm! 

He broke my water and it was just like what you see in the movies - it was a GUSH of water that came shooting out.  Crazy!!  So different than when my water broke at home with Claire.  After that, he called in the troops and we were ready to have a baby.

If I thought Claire came fast, Ben came REALLY fast.  He was a 2 push baby and he was out!  Thanks little buddy! 

The best part of the whole experience was after Ben was born, Dr. Lawrence held him up for Patrick to see if he was a he or she.  Patrick yelled "It's a BOY!!!" so loud I thought my parents could probably hear him in the waiting room.  He was so excited to get a little man.  He just kept repeating it to himself like he couldn't believe it.  It was so sweet.

You can see Benjamin's complete Birth Story in photos here:  Ben's Birth

We are so in love with our new little dude.

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