Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Ben's Birth Story Part 2

When I last left you, Brandon was picking up Claire and I was hooked up to a non-stress test.  The test went pretty showed I was actually having more contractions than I noticed.  And every time I had a contraction, the baby's heartbeat dropped.  My doctor did not like seeing that and recommended that they keep me to induce.  Boo!  We had already discussed being induced earlier in his office and I was anti-induction. (is that even a word?)  However, once he pulled the old line "if you were my wife...." I knew I was a goner.  We were going to have a baby that night.  The nurses came and moved me into our birthing suite.

Side note:  Remember during Claire's birth story when I was so embarrassed because I couldn't figure out how to put on that stupid robe?  Well, this time around, I almost did it.  I got the robe snaps figured out, but then put the robe on backwards.  Oops!  Maybe I'll finally get it right on baby #3.

(And Ben is crying again - let me tell you something about this little boy....he gets HANGRY!  He wants to eat all the time and will scream until you feed him!  I'll be back!)

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