Monday, November 10, 2014

Claire - 15 months

This girl....that, love, love.

18 lbs, 13 oz - 3%
30.25 inches - 42%

A lot of things have happened in the past three months:

You started walking!  And you didn't stop!  You are pretty quick on your feet.

You have 5 teeth!  Three on top and two on bottom.

You have quite the vocabulary - mama, mommy, dad, baby, puppy, stinky, yum, no, hi, bye, uh-oh, pizza.  Your favorite word right now seems to be mommy - everything is mommy, mommy, mommy.

Your favorite game is called empty the kitchen cabinets and pantry.  You especially like to pull all the Ziploc bags out of their box and throw them all over the floor.

You are still in 12 month clothing - and some of it is saggy on your little bottom!  You are just a skinny mini.

You became a BIG SISTER!!  You love your baby brother Benjamin.  You want to be next to him all. the. time. always. and. forever.  I really have to watch you. 

You love to give kisses, especially to the "beebee".

You have 3 baby dolls that you also love.  You carry them around with you.

You love going through mom's purse.  You pull whatever you can out of the front pockets and are always trying to get the zipper open to see what's inside.

You still love Mickey Mouse.  Dad judges Mom's day based on how many episodes we watch.  If we have a good day, we only watch one or two shows.  A rough day is more.  

You are a good helper.  You throw baby Ben's diapers in the trash.  

You are starting to understand simple commands like - "Go get a book" and "Throw away the diaper" and "Give your baby a kiss".

You have a few favorite books including "I Love You Stinky Face".  No matter where I put your books on the bookshelf, you always seem to find and gravitate towards the same handful.

You are starting to be a bossy little girl.  You grunt and point until you get what you want.  And if you don't get what you want, you cry or scream or stomp your feet.

You are a stinker in church.  We can never make it through a whole mass without a meltdown.  Daddy is so kind and always takes you in the back so as not to disturb too many people.  You need to pull it together girl.  We've tried books, snacks, you name it.  The hour is just too long.

You still love to take a bath.  If I ask if you want to take a bath, you head towards the bathroom door and bang on it until I get there to open it.  You also like to watch and "help" mommy when I give baby Ben his baths.

You love to be wherever your baby Ben is.  When he is on the playmat on the floor, you are all up in his personal space.  

Since Ben was born, you still go to the neighbors two days a week, but you stay home with mommy and Ben the other three days.  On the days you are gone, you get so excited to come into the family room and see Ben.  You squeal and scream at him and tell him "HI" and get in his face.  You must miss him when you are gone.

Your hair is getting so long.  I keep thinking we need to go get you a haircut, and I actually had your first haircut scheduled but then Ben was born the day before so we had to cancel.  I just keep your bangs pulled up in a ponytail so they stay out of your face.

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