Saturday, November 15, 2014

ordinary days

Life is getting back to a new normal after Ben's birth.
We are figuring out a new routine and how everything works.
This little girl has been a champ.

Here she is eating eggs and blueberries for breakfast.  Not too long after these photos were taken, she replaced her love for eggs with a love for banana pancakes.  

She is so funny about food.  I guess most 16 month olds are.  One day she will love peas, the next day she will squish them in her hands, throw them on the floor and do just about everything but eat them.

She will no longer sit in her highchair.  She will only eat in this clip-on chair that is attached to the big table.  She wants to be a big girl and sit next to mom and dad.  She also likes to eat things off of our plates.  Sometimes I can trick her by putting her food on my plate and then feeding her off my plate that way.  It doesn't always work though - she's a pretty smart little cookie. 

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