Thursday, July 23, 2015

Benjamin - Eight Months

8 months!  8 months!

8 month stats:
20 lbs

Highlights from the past month:

  • You are really a master at crawling.  You are starting to move too fast for my liking.
  • You love to climb on Claire.  All the time.  And she is so patient with you.
  • You are so active.  You love to play all the time.
  • You are always on the move, pulling up, standing along furniture - so brave.
  • You really like Mickey Mouse.  And Ratatouille and Finding Nemo.  Or maybe those are all Claire's favorites and you just have to watch.  Sorry buddy.
  • You are such a happy guy.  You want everyone's attention all the time.
  • You tried lots of new foods this month - pear,  multigrain cereal, mango, avocado, banana, nectarines.  You love all the fruit.
  • We also started eating puffs this month.  It is so much fun to watch you trying to pick them up and get them in your mouth.  And the face you make when eating them is too cute.
  • You really love your bottle - always reaching for it and trying to put it in your mouth as soon as you see it.  
  • You still love bathtime. You like our bathtub toys and bath book.  You love to splash and get water in your face.  I almost need to wear a raincoat to give you a bath - you create such a mess!
  • You are still pretty bald but the hair is starting to come in a little better.
  • You love to be outside when it's not too hot.
  • You are very vocal. You love to talk and are making more sounds.  You can say Dada - surprise, surprise.
  • You love to go all the places you are not supposed to.  You like to crawl under things and hide and you usually get stuck.

  • Did I mention you are oh so cute?

    Side by side comparison:

    Wednesday, July 22, 2015

    Easter 2015

    Yes, it's July, and yes, I'm just posting about Easter - try not to judge.  ;)

    Claire's 2nd Easter and Ben's 1st Easter in pictures:

    See that cute little dress?  I wore that (many) years ago.

    She refused to sit next to him to take a picture.  Seriously the best shot I got.

    Tuesday, July 21, 2015

    Benjamin - Seven Months

    7 month stats:
    19 lbs 

    Highlights from this month:
    • You can sit up!  All by yourself!
    • You are a really good sleeper.  We lay you down and you snuggle up pretty good.
    • You love to smile, smile, smile, smile and Claire loves to try to make you laugh.
    • You tried lots of new foods this month - carrots, sweet potatoes, yellow squash, zucchini,  oatmeal, apples, and broccoli!  You seemed to like everything okay.
    • You are a really good eater.  You like food and you open up your mouth like a little birdie when it is time to eat. 
    • You love playing with your toys. And you love reading books.
    • You are so strong.  You are going to be on the move soon.  You like to stand up with help.  You like to climb all over your sister.
    • You really love your bottle - always reaching for it and trying to put it in your mouth as soon as you see it.  
    • You still love bathtime.  You like our bathtub toys and bath book.  You can sit up like a big boy and take a bath with Claire now.
    • You do not like wearing hats even though you look so cute in them.
    • You are very vocal.  You love to talk, you love to squeal and you love to make all kinds of mouth noises.  
    • You have the cutest little leg rolls.  Something we never saw with Claire and I love it.
    • You love all the things you are not supposed to have - cell phones, remotes, shoes.  Everything goes straight into the mouth.

    And now for a side by side:

    Monday, July 20, 2015

    Benjamin Patrick - Child of God

    So I know I'm a little behind, but yes, we did have Benjamin baptized!  His baptism took place on Palm Sunday and the ceremony was performed by a former priest at our parish, Fr. Henry Purcell.  Fr Purcell has since moved on to a new assignment but he was so kind to come back and celebrate this special occasion with us.

    Here's the baptism in photos:

    Happy boy!

    Sunday, July 19, 2015

    Benjamin - Six Months

    6 months!  6 months!

    6 month stats:
    17 lbs, 9.5 oz (51%)
    26.75 inches (59%)

    Highlights from this month:
    • You are really starting to crawl and scoot around. 
    • You can scoot backwards pretty good.
    • You had your first Easter!  You had a spiffy little outfit with a blue plaid jacket.
    • You love to smile, smile, smile, smile.
    • You started eating rice cereal and really enoyed it.
    • You love playing with your toys.  You are really good at self-entertaining.
    • You love to be outside.  Unlike your sister, you won't stay on the blanket.  You love to try to eat grass.
    • You love to feel different textures.
    • You still love bath time...a lot.
    • Claire is your best friend.  She wants to be where you are at all times.  Always.
    • You are really starting to jabber.  You like to squeal and hear yourself talk. 

    And for a quick side by side:

    Claire at 6 months (spoiler alert - she was 4 pounds lighter!)

    Wednesday, April 15, 2015

    Claire - Eighteen Months

    This girl is growing way too big, way too fast.
    I would say this is Claire at 18 months, but I may be a little late.

    18 month stats:
    20 lbs, 10.5 oz (6%)
    31.5 inches (46%)

    Claire, honey, you are the sweetest little girl and the best big sister.  Here are some things I want to remember about you at this age:

    *You started daycare - and soon after learned the word "Mine" which is now one of your favorites.  Ha!  You had a hard time adjusting at first but now you have so much fun and usually don't want to leave when I come to pick you up.
    *When I come pick you up from daycare, your face lights up when you see me and you always come running.  It just melts my heart.
    *You are pretty good at sharing when you want to.  Otherwise everything is Mine!
    *You are starting to get a little sassy.  You like to tell us no no when you don't get your way.
    *You love your family - especially baby Ben.  You always want to be near him. You also like to face time your grandparents.  You can say Mama & Papa and you always ask to see your puppies when talking to Mama Wilmes.
    *You are getting more teeth!  You now have 4 on top and 4 on bottom.  Your molars came a little later and you are currently working on the next set.  Yikes!
    *You are starting to look like such a big girl. 
    *And you think you are such a big girl.  You want to do everything by yourself.  You like to take your shoes and sock off ALL THE TIME!
    *You know a lot of your body parts: eyes, ears, mouth, nose, tongue, chin, teeth (daddy's favorite!), arms, legs, toes, fingers, belly, hair.  Pretty impressive!
    *Your favorite book is still I Love You Stinky Face.  We read that one alot.  Followed closely by Moo Baa La La La.
    *You also like the Bizzy Bear books.
    *You can make a lot of animal sounds - cow, sheep, horse, puppy, cat.
    *You LOVE your babies.  You have 3 baby dolls and they are all your favorite.  Most nights you have to take all 3 to bed with you.  You like to take them for rides in the little stroller, change their diapers and wipe them. 
    *You also like to play kitchen.  You are really cute when you put on my large oven mitts and try to put stuff in the microwave.
    *You are getting pretty good at puzzles.  You like the farm animal puzzle.
    *You like being outside and going for walks.  You like to try to help push the stroller.
    *At eighteen months, you had about a dozen words - now you have too many to count!  Mommy, daddy, baby, puppy, book, ball, cheese, pizza, bath, nose, eyes, thank you, bye bye, please, night night, milk, water, jump, hop, march, poop, stinky, oh wow, uh oh, go irish, more, no, shoes, socks, hi, Josh, and so many more that I wish I could think of.
    *You have also started putting together phrases like more cheese please, baby go night night, hi mommy I pooped.  I am just blown away by how smart you are.

    Love you Claire Bear!

    Thursday, April 9, 2015

    Benjamin - Five Months

    5 month unofficial stats:
    16 lbs, 6 oz

    Benji-man: You are getting so big!  I can't believe time is flying by so fast! Here is what I want to remember about you from the past month:

    • You are starting to get pretty drooly.  We keep checking for teeth - but no luck.
    • You are such a handsome little boy.  You have such a classic look and mommy is happy that is appears you will be keeping your blue eyes.
    • You REALLY love bathtime.  I plop you in the tub and you like to kick and splash in the water.  Claire loves to try to help bathe you by dumping water on your head.   Oops!
    • You are constantly chewing on your poor little hands.  You don't want a pacifier.
    • You are still a little baldy but the hair is starting to come in.  And dare I say, it has a red tint?
    • You love to roll!  You can get just about anywhere by rolling.  You love sleeping on your tummy.
    • You are such a hungry little man!  You eat and eat and eat.  I love baby rolls.
    • You have been a pretty good little sleeper.  We've had a few all-nighters which is nice.
    • You are a big boy!  We packed up all your 3 and 3-6 month clothes.  You are definitely in 6 month clothes.
    • You love bouncing in the jumparoo.  You can really get those legs moving.
    • You are working on sitting up by yourself but still need a lot of help.

    You know I love to compare:

    Tuesday, February 3, 2015

    Benjamin - Four Months

    Benny boy is 4 months old!  And he is growing so big so fast!  I can hardly stand it.

    Four month stats:
    15 lbs, 7.5 ounces (61%)
    25 inches (52%)

    Here is what I want to remember from the last month:

    • Mommy and Daddy both went back to work.  You spend Mondays with Grandma and the puppies, Tuesday/Wednesday with Miss Jennifer and the girls, and Thursday/Friday with Miss Samina at the daycare.
    • We moved you to your big boy bed aka the crib.  You have not been the best crib sleeper but are slowly getting better.
    • Claire is still in love with her baby brother.  She is so protective of you at daycare and always lets us know when you are crying.  She seriously loves you.
    • You are a hungry little man.  You are still getting up to eat at night. 
    • You started rolling from your back to your belly!  You finally figured out the trick to keep your arm own.  You are such a strong little guy.
    • You celebrated your first New Year's Eve with Grandma & Grandpa while mom & dad went to a wedding.  I don't think you made it to midnight though.
    • You are starting to grab at your toys now.  You have actually pulled them down off the clip because you are so strong.  You have a good grip.
    • You are a squirmy little worm.  Always moving and rearing back and trying to get away from mom and dad.
    • You love music and movies.  You like to watch Frozen with Claire and we listen to the soundtrack on the way to daycare twice a week.
    • You are such a squealer.  You squeal when you are happy and when you want our attention.  You are also turning into a big talker.  You are always making noise.
    • You are a thumb sucker.  I've caught you several times with your thumb in your mouth.  You also like to stick your whole fists in your mouth.
    • You still like your pacifier when you are tired.  It is a must for naps and bedtime.
    • You are starting to use the jumparoo.  It is really fun for you to have a little freedom to play.  Claire is usually right by your side trying to help you bounce.
    • You have pooped in the bathtub on several occasions.  You are such a little stinker.
    • You are already in 6 month clothes!  I had to pack up all your 3 month outfits.  It was a sad day.  You are growing so fast.
    • You make so many faces.  You can be so smiley and yet so serious.  I love it.


    Want a comparison?  Like it or not, I made one:

    Claire at 4 months
    Ben at 3 months
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