Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Benjamin - One Month

I can't believe Ben is growing so fast.
One month stats:
9 pounds 12 ounces 

You gained almost 2 whole pounds since you were born. The doctor was so impressed by your growth!  You are going to be so much bigger than your big sister.  I love it!


Here is what I want to remember from her first month:

  • I cried when you were born.  I was so happy to have a little boy.  You came so fast that I was just overwhelmed with emotions.  
  • Your dad cried too.  He kept shouting "it's a boy!" over and over.  It was so sweet.
  • You love to eat!  The boob buffet is always open and you can be quite the little piglet (hence the 2 pound weight gain). If I thought Claire was a good eater - you are a GREAT eater.  I love watching you nurse - you make the cutest little faces and sounds.  You are so sweet.
  • You also love your fingers and your thumbs.  You are constantly trying to get them in your mouth.  You are also a big fan of the pacifier.  It is nice to have options that work.
  • You are not a big fan of bath time.  You cry when you get cold.  Unlike Claire, we only bathe you once a week.  You are just a little baby - you don't get that dirty.  I can clean you up pretty good with a baby wipe.
  • You love tummy time.  You are so good at lifting your head and moving it from side to side.  You also rolled over from your belly to your back once!  I was amazed.  You are such a strong little boy.  The doctor was also impressed with how good you are on your tummy.
  • You love the swing.  I can always do a successful transfer from my arms to the swing for you to nap.  
  • You sleep in the rock-and-play sleeper on Daddy's side of the bed.  We are struggling with the sleeping because you are such a hungry boy.  You are still getting up to eat every 3 hours.
  • You can rip some pretty loud toots for a baby.  It shocks just about everyone who is within earshot of you.  You poop every time you nurse.  Food goes in, poop comes out.
  • Claire is the best big sister.  She always wants to be right where you are.  She loves you so much and you get a lot of kisses from her.  
  • You have so many faces and stretches.  I wish I could get photos of the stink eye, the spooky eyes, the Popeye face, the Superman stretch and the tiny lips face.  So many of your faces remind me of Claire.
  • You started smiling and I love love love to see a grin on your face.
  • We didn't swaddle you for more than a couple of weeks.  You prefer the warm sleep blanket sacks.  
  • We took your first trip to the pumpkin patch.  Claire picked out a baby pumpkin for you.  It was also your first wagon ride with Claire.

Want to compare??  Claire at one month.

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