Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Benjamin - Two Months

Two month stats:
12 lbs, 2 oz

Here is what I want to remember from your second month:

  • You finally really like your playmat.  You will bat at the monkey when I lay you down.  
  • You continue to roll from your belly to your back.  Even the pediatrician noted how strong you were on your belly.
  • You still love tummy time but always want to roll over.
  • You still really like your swing.  You love to nap there.
  • We started using cloth diapers on you and it has been tougher than Claire.  You like to shoot pee right out the top.  :)
  • You are starting to really smile and laugh when talked to.  Your dad and I both love trying to get you to grin.  Claire loves getting in your face to get a reaction out of you too.
  • We started supplementing with formula this month.  You are such a hungry little guy, mom just couldn't keep up!
  • You are such an okay sleeper.  You still sleep in the rock-n-play by our bed.  On a good night, you will give us 6 hours.
  • You celebrated your first Halloween!  You got to dress up like Chip from Beauty and the Beast.
  • You also celebrated your first Thanksgiving - milk only for you though.
  • You are starting to like bath time.  And Claire likes to help give you a bath.

To see how much he's changed - check out his one month recap.

Dying to see how he compares to Claire at the same age?

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