Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Benjamin - Four Months

Benny boy is 4 months old!  And he is growing so big so fast!  I can hardly stand it.

Four month stats:
15 lbs, 7.5 ounces (61%)
25 inches (52%)

Here is what I want to remember from the last month:

  • Mommy and Daddy both went back to work.  You spend Mondays with Grandma and the puppies, Tuesday/Wednesday with Miss Jennifer and the girls, and Thursday/Friday with Miss Samina at the daycare.
  • We moved you to your big boy bed aka the crib.  You have not been the best crib sleeper but are slowly getting better.
  • Claire is still in love with her baby brother.  She is so protective of you at daycare and always lets us know when you are crying.  She seriously loves you.
  • You are a hungry little man.  You are still getting up to eat at night. 
  • You started rolling from your back to your belly!  You finally figured out the trick to keep your arm own.  You are such a strong little guy.
  • You celebrated your first New Year's Eve with Grandma & Grandpa while mom & dad went to a wedding.  I don't think you made it to midnight though.
  • You are starting to grab at your toys now.  You have actually pulled them down off the clip because you are so strong.  You have a good grip.
  • You are a squirmy little worm.  Always moving and rearing back and trying to get away from mom and dad.
  • You love music and movies.  You like to watch Frozen with Claire and we listen to the soundtrack on the way to daycare twice a week.
  • You are such a squealer.  You squeal when you are happy and when you want our attention.  You are also turning into a big talker.  You are always making noise.
  • You are a thumb sucker.  I've caught you several times with your thumb in your mouth.  You also like to stick your whole fists in your mouth.
  • You still like your pacifier when you are tired.  It is a must for naps and bedtime.
  • You are starting to use the jumparoo.  It is really fun for you to have a little freedom to play.  Claire is usually right by your side trying to help you bounce.
  • You have pooped in the bathtub on several occasions.  You are such a little stinker.
  • You are already in 6 month clothes!  I had to pack up all your 3 month outfits.  It was a sad day.  You are growing so fast.
  • You make so many faces.  You can be so smiley and yet so serious.  I love it.


Want a comparison?  Like it or not, I made one:

Claire at 4 months
Ben at 3 months

Monday, February 2, 2015

Bath Time!

So I'm super late, but here are some shots from Ben's first bath.  

And speaking of bath time, Claire & Gavin took their first bath together over the holidays.  They were so cute and did so good sharing toys.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Benjamin - Three Months

Three months!  Three months!  Please slow down time!

Unofficial three month stats:
13 pounds 13 ounces 


Here is what I want to remember from your third month:

  • We started the EASY routine with you adapted from the Baby Whisperer.  It seems to be working well.  You are a much better napper than your sister ever was!
  • We got rid of the swaddle - you never really liked it anyway.
  • You do like your pacifier now.  It works well at bedtime and for naps.
  • You LOVE your playmat and having tummy time.  Your head and neck muscles are getting so strong.
  • You are not a very good night sleeper.  You are still getting up every 3-4 hours to eat.  You are a hungry man!
  • You are now good at entertaining yourself.  It allows for mom & dad to get some housework done while you play. 
  • You like your play mat and batting at the animals.
  • You still like your swing.  Unfortunately your swing got moved to make way for the Christmas tree.
  • We like to Face time with Grandma & Grandpa.  You can't see them but you seem to recognize their voices.  Grandpa likes to make funny sounds at you.
  • You don't like to be snuggled much anymore.  When being held, you want to be faced outward so you can see what is going on.  You are a 
  • You smile and laugh so easily.  You are also starting to do excited squeals.  You are becoming pretty vocal.
  • You celebrated your first Christmas!  You loved all the attention.  
  • You like watching football with Daddy and Mickey Mouse with Claire.
  • When we lay you down on your back, you like to roll from one side to the other.  You are so close to making it to your tummy but not yet.
  • You really like bathtime.  Mommy sings you fun songs while she gives you the bath.  You are starting to splash your little feet in the water.

You know I love to compare:

In case you missed a recap:

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