Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Benjamin - Four Months

Benny boy is 4 months old!  And he is growing so big so fast!  I can hardly stand it.

Four month stats:
15 lbs, 7.5 ounces (61%)
25 inches (52%)

Here is what I want to remember from the last month:

  • Mommy and Daddy both went back to work.  You spend Mondays with Grandma and the puppies, Tuesday/Wednesday with Miss Jennifer and the girls, and Thursday/Friday with Miss Samina at the daycare.
  • We moved you to your big boy bed aka the crib.  You have not been the best crib sleeper but are slowly getting better.
  • Claire is still in love with her baby brother.  She is so protective of you at daycare and always lets us know when you are crying.  She seriously loves you.
  • You are a hungry little man.  You are still getting up to eat at night. 
  • You started rolling from your back to your belly!  You finally figured out the trick to keep your arm own.  You are such a strong little guy.
  • You celebrated your first New Year's Eve with Grandma & Grandpa while mom & dad went to a wedding.  I don't think you made it to midnight though.
  • You are starting to grab at your toys now.  You have actually pulled them down off the clip because you are so strong.  You have a good grip.
  • You are a squirmy little worm.  Always moving and rearing back and trying to get away from mom and dad.
  • You love music and movies.  You like to watch Frozen with Claire and we listen to the soundtrack on the way to daycare twice a week.
  • You are such a squealer.  You squeal when you are happy and when you want our attention.  You are also turning into a big talker.  You are always making noise.
  • You are a thumb sucker.  I've caught you several times with your thumb in your mouth.  You also like to stick your whole fists in your mouth.
  • You still like your pacifier when you are tired.  It is a must for naps and bedtime.
  • You are starting to use the jumparoo.  It is really fun for you to have a little freedom to play.  Claire is usually right by your side trying to help you bounce.
  • You have pooped in the bathtub on several occasions.  You are such a little stinker.
  • You are already in 6 month clothes!  I had to pack up all your 3 month outfits.  It was a sad day.  You are growing so fast.
  • You make so many faces.  You can be so smiley and yet so serious.  I love it.


Want a comparison?  Like it or not, I made one:

Claire at 4 months
Ben at 3 months

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