Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Benjamin - Seven Months

7 month stats:
19 lbs 

Highlights from this month:
  • You can sit up!  All by yourself!
  • You are a really good sleeper.  We lay you down and you snuggle up pretty good.
  • You love to smile, smile, smile, smile and Claire loves to try to make you laugh.
  • You tried lots of new foods this month - carrots, sweet potatoes, yellow squash, zucchini,  oatmeal, apples, and broccoli!  You seemed to like everything okay.
  • You are a really good eater.  You like food and you open up your mouth like a little birdie when it is time to eat. 
  • You love playing with your toys. And you love reading books.
  • You are so strong.  You are going to be on the move soon.  You like to stand up with help.  You like to climb all over your sister.
  • You really love your bottle - always reaching for it and trying to put it in your mouth as soon as you see it.  
  • You still love bathtime.  You like our bathtub toys and bath book.  You can sit up like a big boy and take a bath with Claire now.
  • You do not like wearing hats even though you look so cute in them.
  • You are very vocal.  You love to talk, you love to squeal and you love to make all kinds of mouth noises.  
  • You have the cutest little leg rolls.  Something we never saw with Claire and I love it.
  • You love all the things you are not supposed to have - cell phones, remotes, shoes.  Everything goes straight into the mouth.

And now for a side by side:

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